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We're almost done, folks

Ridiculous basketball trick shots (by a backup player who clearly had WAY too much time on his hands):

International Space Station Blues:

(I just realized that the Russians appear to actually be fixing something with duct tape in their bit.)

Yakko's World from memory:

You and Me and Your Friend Steve (which makes excellent use of the many, many bitchfaces of Pepper Potts in Iron Man 2):

And last, a classic of the "oh my God I need to watch something that will cheer me up" genre (they're cliches for a reason, people):

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(no subject)

Possibly the two most internet-famous cats in the world right now are Henri and Maru.

Henri, la chat noir )

Maru, who's a real cool cat )

[personal profile] shrift sent me a link to the latest Maru video the other night, and we got into a conversation that led to this:

Read more... )

And that led to this, which is not yuletide-worthy, but I offer it up to all of you.

DEUX chats )
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(no subject)

What could be better than Friends and chocolate? This is one of the (many) Friends episodes I often find myself referring to in daily life.

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(no subject)

Puppy Versus Lemon!

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A comm mascot

I knew there was one more video I absolutely had to share here:

This is the sound of "a white whale named NOC who began to mimic the human voice, presumably a result of vocal learning". (See the text below the video.)

And these sounds--which to me totally sound like "dee doo dee doodle doo" type singing as performed through a snorkel--are the sounds I think of when I see this comm's name. DEET DEE DOODLE DOO DOOT DOO LA LA LA.
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someone on my reading list reminded me--

of [livejournal.com profile] littera_abactor's post I Has a Sweet Potato, which never fails to make me laugh. Wait--just re-read it. yep. still laughing.
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Just this morning via Metafilter, I found out about this site: http://pbump.net/animals/ , "The Animal Matrix."

At the intersection of dog x goat? A video of baby goats playing with a dog.

Dolphin x horse? A video of dolphins swimming with a horse. (!)

Bear x wolf? Baaaaaaby bear and baaaaaaby wolf are friends!

In short: the animal kingdom intersecting for your enjoyment!
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Welcome to [community profile] lalala2012! It may be only two weeks until Election Day, but it's going to be a long two weeks.

To encourage the posting of happy, distracting things, I offer two prompts: MAGIC and CHOCOLATE. Interpret them however you like, combine them, go wild.


  • Fanfic of any stripe, fandom, whatever

  • Fanart

  • Vids

  • Meta

  • Pictures or videos of baaaaaaby animals! Because I said so.

  • Videos of babies or dogs trying to eat a lemon. That shit is hilarious.

  • Cut tags where necessary.


  • Any discussion of politics. There are a bajillion other places for that. This is not for that.

  • Anything that harshes anyone else's mellow. We are here to be distracted and happy.